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  OUT OF SEASON (01.04-30.05 & 01.10.-31.10.)

 In addition to daily use of our taxi services throughout the year, in the period from 01.04 till 31.10.

we also organize longer or shorter trips as a private option.

When the sea is a bit colder, and not really in the mood for swimming and snorkeling,

we are still able to show you our most popular destinations both Wild bays and Plavnik Island as an off-season version of the half-day trips.


 Besides full day or half day trips, you can take a boat for 1 hour and we can do a smaller panoramic boat ride in Punat Bay, and to FKK Konobe, or 2/more hours, however you like!

Or a little longer panoramic boat ride to Stara Baška, where we pass by the famous Wild bays (takes 2,5 h).


The price of an hour by boat out of the season (1.4. - 31.05. and from 01.10. - 31.10.) is 9 € / person,

and if you are less than 6 persons then the price is 50 € / boat.

Public half-day excursions, we organize only in the season from 01.06. till 30.09. 

wild bays - svih 5.jpg

Off-Season Wild Bays

boat ride 2,5 h

During the off-season (April 1st - may 31th and October 1st - October 31st), you can also take a boat for a little shorter panoramic ride from Punat to Stara Baska.

We pass the FKK Konoba and the famous Wild bays. The price of this excursion is 20 € / person, and if you are less than 6 people the price is 130 € / boat.


Plavnik+Wild Bays off-season

4h boatride

 and September 15th - October 31st), you can also take a boat for a 4h panoramic ride from Punat to Plavnik island and Wild bays. We can take a break on Plavnik. The price of this excursion is 30 € / person, and if you are less than 7 people the price is 200 € / boat.

private option




If you like to sail with local traditional boats, and enjoy the endless blue of the beautiful Adriatic Sea,

and you are not too big a fan of mass tourism, 

then this is the best option for you. 

You will be alone on boat with your family or(and) with your best friends, and you do not have to adjust to anyone, nor any strict boat routes.

Someone loves to ride on a boat, and photograph, someone else loves to swim and snorkel. 

Someone likes more action, and someone else would rather relax on the beach.

I will propose, given your expectations, where we can go, and what we can do, and you will decide what you really want.

Of course, we can always improvise along the way.

You can take the boat for half a day (180-315 €) or for the whole day (360-500 €).

Also, out off season, or after 7:00 pm in the season, we can arrange for you, a shorter panoramic boat ride in the duration of 0.5-3 hours (9 € / person / h but minimum 50 € / h).

The maximum capacity of the boat for this trip is 15 people.

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