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 If you want a little more adventure, come with me to Plavnik, second largest uninhabited island in Croatia.
After an hour boat ride we reach the northern coast of Plavnik Island, which reveals many beautiful small, hidden family beaches.
Then we'll go to the other side of the island where we visit many natural attractions and secret places of Plavnik Island.  
You will see vultures, the largest bird in Europe, with a wingspan larger than 2.5 meters. 
You will dive in the Shogy green eye, and swim in the Love cave.
We will have 3 stops and a total of 2,5 hours of swimming.
If you choose the private option and less than 2 hours of refreshing in the sea is enough for you, we will have enough time on our trip to visit Wild Bays as well.
The boat trip takes 5,5h, and departs every day at 9am, and 1pm or 3pm,
from the port of Punat.
To visit Plavnik Island, you can choose private option (340€/boat)
or public option (35€/person, children up to 12 years 20€).
Our boat is not too big,14 persons. Please book your place on time!



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